How We Incorporate Green Architecture And Sustainability In Our Projects

The global climatic changes and changing weather patterns remind us that we cannot develop without caring for the environment. Making good note of this, ‘Go green’ is the new mindset that has given rise to green architecture. Sustainable design and ways of production that lead to zero waste are the focus of most top architects now.

What is Green Architecture?

A design philosophy that keeps sustainability, conservation, and reuse of resources at its core, along with a focus on safety and reduction of wastage, can be termed green architecture. This philosophy is now popular among all top architecture firms in Dubai. They wholeheartedly focus on bringing on board innovative sustainable designs. The use of new sustainable materials along with methods of production and construction that are more resource-efficient go a long way to support them in their endeavours.

Some popular ways to attain sustainable design

Architecture firms in Dubai have shown exemplary work in developing green buildings. In terms of building design, green architecture goes beyond sustainable design or materials to construct a building. Building green in the true sense means looking at each minute aspect that can be changed in the construction and development process to ensure efficient use of the structure and resources like water, energy, and material.

Green Roofs

One effective way to build structures that align well with green architecture is to incorporate green roofs. Green rooftops are made using layers of succulents, grasses, herbs and wildflowers. The waterproof membrane and levels of protection added to the roof design make it a practical and fantastic living design. Multiple benefits like carbon dioxide absorption, heat mitigation, air purification, and reduced energy consumption are why green rooftops are trending. The aesthetic beauty and appeal these greens add to the structure are beyond compare. These green roofs are a win-win for the designers and the users.

Making good use of natural resources

Another important element that can help attain the goal of green architecture is creating design structures that allow the use of natural resources like sunlight and water in the best manner. Long glass windows in rooms are a brilliant way of bringing plenty of air and sunlight into the building. Energy consumption can also be regulated through proper planning of light and ventilation. Good planning with the thought of creating a sustainable design is essential in creating a space that utilises all the resources to its best.

Clever choice of material

Any sustainable design will consider alternatives that can help save on energy consumption. As designers, one liberty that everyone wants is to be able to create something larger than life and to come up with new ideas. What is really needed today is slightly different, though. We need to learn to exercise restraint in designs to incorporate reuse and adopt sustainability. The basics of this would include the use of LED lights and high-efficiency electrical and plumbing systems. Architecture firms in Dubai support brands and products that are manufactured for sustainability and contribute towards a better present and brighter future.

With green roofs, clever choice of sustainable materials and good planning, the architecture of any building can be made sustainable. Development can be truly made advantageous for all. Green architecture is the present and the future of building and construction. All building projects must incorporate these little ideas for a more environment-friendly way of progress.