5 Important Processes Involved in Architectural Design

Are you an aspiring architect and want to learn more about architecture? If so, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss what the architectural design is about and what are the steps involved in the procedure.

What is architectural design?

Architectural design is a field which is all about curating the living spaces as per the demands of the consumers, with the use of tactics and also designing ability. Thus the main goal is to connect the technology and also while being artistic at the same time.

The architectural design process comprises of 5 steps which are shown as follows:

  • Step 1: Schematic Design

In this step of the architectural design process, we will take all the information that is collected from the client and then some two or three design ideas are created which are presented to the client for selection. These ideas are normally presented in the form of rough sketches or drafts, so as to offer the client a visualisation of what more changes could take place in the future.

Architects also offer an approximate value of the options presented so as to help them in choosing a design which suits best from the artistic  and budget point of view. In this step, some changes can also be made as per the request as it is still a rough draft. After selecting a design which meets all your requirements, then the architects move to the next step which is the Design Development phase.

  • Step 2: Design Development

In this step, the architect will take the schematic design chosen by the client, and make some changes to the design if required. Also there will be some changes made in the cost estimate which is offered during the Schematic Design step to point out if some new things were added to the first design. Architects don’t take the clients’ budgets lightly and are focused on offering the best value all over in the initial phases of the design.

  • Step 3: Construction Documents

Now in this step, architects will have come up with a final design and will start making plans, drawings, notes, and engineering requirements which are important for bidding, construction, and permit application. This step is known to many people as creating blueprints. Contractors will make use of the drawing plans and requirements to prepare for the next step in the architectural process.

  • Step 4: Bidding

An architect will be on your side in the bidding step of building the house and it will prove to be beneficial to you. Architects can help you in creating a list of all the contractors for your bid list and in submitting proposals to the bidders. Architects can also review the submitted bids, offer an analysis, and help you in choosing the figures which the client got back from its bidders.

This step in the architectural process is important to make sure that the contractors whom the client is to give the project to for building the project is reading the blueprints accurately and is offering a precise bid for the respective project.

  • Step 5: Construction Administration

Ultimately, after choosing a contractor and now that the construction is getting started, here comes the last step of the architectural design process that is construction administration. In this step, the architect will administer the construction process to make sure that everything is up to mark and also visit the site from time to time during the construction and to check if any issue comes up.

Final Word:

So here is the thing, it is important to know how all the steps take place. Consider that you are someone who wants to build a cafe, you can ask for some drawing plans in the initial stages and ask to make changes as per your requirements. It will give you a better insight of how everything takes place. The architectural planning enables the architect to draw up a clear plan and keep a record of all the projects.


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