Role and Responsibilities of Architects in Various Constructional Projects

Architects play an essential role in planning and designing structures and buildings. They decide the visual appearance and the overall outlook of a project. Architects require licences and professional training before they can start working on projects. They cannot work on industrial projects unless they have their licenses.

They work individually, with a team, or with other engineers involved in a construction project. The architect’s responsibilities include the initial draft to the inauguration and shifting.

Clients appoint architects to develop sustainable and efficient designs keeping in mind the space and functionality.

So, what is the role of an architect in building planning?

  • Meetings and Discussions

An initial meeting is scheduled between the client and the architect to discuss the project and its other requirements. Several meetings might be conducted until both parties are ready with the design. However, designing an entire building alone is not an easy task. Usually, they work in a team to get the job done. One might need to communicate with the civil engineers to look into the structure and other technical aspects.

Architects are not just bothered about the design of the building. They have a role to play in every stage of the project. Architects can help improve energy efficiency by having buildings that maximise ventilation and lighting while reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling effects.

  • Drawing and Documentation

Architects create detailed drawings and check the feasibility of the project. It is important to see if it is suitable to go on with the project, keeping several other factors in mind. Various softwares help speed up the process during this stage.

Many revisions and drawings are done until the client’s expectation is met. Client budget is also an important factor here. It must be considered as well while customising a plan for the client.

Once all the revisions are done, a final blueprint is prepared. The final document would include the designs for all mechanical, electrical, and other structural systems. The architect needs to prepare other documents and design instructions, and a list of technical specifications for the contractors to work on. Based on the final blueprint, the cost is decided.

  • Cost Estimation

Next comes cost estimation. An architect can decide the cost at different stages of the project. This breakdown of the cost will help decide the entire budget. Architects can visualise the entire structure, the designs, and other ideas of the construction industry.

The architect needs to consider the cost of materials as well. Time is also a crucial factor and should be taken into consideration. The number of details that the architects include in their cost estimation would depend on their work. They can either present the entire overall cost or break it down part-wise.

  • Construction

Architecture and construction go hand-in-hand and they have an equal involvement when the construction work begins. They need to visit sites and conduct meetings. It might be necessary to negotiate with contractors and resolve any sort of uprising problems. A lot of documentation is done during the construction phase. This needs the signature and approval of the architect as well.

  • Contracts

Architects can be of great help during the negotiation of contracts. After all tenders are finalised, the architect needs to analyse the reports and results to match them with the client’s budget and expectations.



Architects are considered the team leaders and they play an inevitable part in construction projects. Architects work directly with the clients. They come up with designs according to the needs of the clients. They are often in touch with engineers and contractors to execute any construction project.

A highly professional team of architects is the key to success in constructing any project. A strong team with a clear objective and road map are more likely to complete the work much faster and with much greater efficacy. The better the architecture, design, and planning is, the greater return on investment that will be made for the building owners.

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